How to Buy a Book

Lynn’s books are available for order, either from your favourite independent bookshop or from online stores.
  1. You can order So Imagine Me directly from the publisher at
  2. You can order how the gods pour tea directly from the publisher at
  3. Where Sound Pools is out of print but you might find it while hanging out at your favourite second hand bookshop.
  4. You can order The Bridge That Carries the Road directly from the publisher at
  5. For a signed book you can order directly from Lynn.

So Imagine Me: Nature Riddles in Poetry (2020)
Nimbus Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77108-867-1
$15.95 32 pages
Children 4-9 and human beings young at heart

BOOK ME! PODCAST - Season 7, Episode 6:
Listen to Lynn discuss So Imagine Me with Costas Halavrezos.

“What is particularly powerful is the way that Davies uses poetry to make readers think about the different ways we talk about the natural world. Some of the poems are definitely challenging but this is a book the whole family can enjoy.”

Jeffrey Canton
Globe and Mail

“In her first children's book, Lynn Davies has crafted a wonderful selection of poems that not only entice youngsters to solve each riddle but to revel in the wonder of words.”

Lisa Doucet
Atlantic Books Today

how the gods pour tea (2013)
Goose Lane Editions
ISBN: 978-0-864924-23-0
$19.95 88 pages

“The voice in Lynn Davies’ stunning new collection exudes a sense of someone speaking from the beyond, from a place where “time as I once knew it was gone;” yet Davies’ poetic voice is far from distanced or aloof; rather it is witty, wise, and often funny. The “field crackling with sound” that she portrays in “Winding Down” could well describe this entire collection - a gorgeous lyric tour de force.”
Jeanette Lynes
author of Archive of the Undressed

“Appealing also is the absence of cynicism in her poems; rather, they shine with an authentic beauty. . . . Deeply experienced and finely wrought, Davies' poems are a pleasure to savour.”

Patricia Young
The Fiddlehead,
Summer Issue 2014

Where Sound Pools (2005)
Goose Lane Editions
ISBN: 978-0-864924-36-0
$17.95 88 pages

“What a rich and peculiar book this is. The careful detail welling up in its generous ear makes up a new world. Each shard of this world, squash flowers, lines in a parking lot, German bunkers, mythical long-earred guides, is so exactingly noted we have given to us a far brighter, more welcoming cosmos.”
Tim Lilburn

“ . . . it’s full of poems that toggle back and forth between the otherworldly and the matter-of-fact with understated grace and good humour.”
Barbara Carey
Toronto Star

The Bridge That Carries the Road (1999)
Brick Books
ISBN: 978-1-894078-01-6
$14.00 112 pages

* The poem, "The Flamingo", won the Lina Chartrand Award, Contemporary Verse, 1995.
* Short-listed for the 1999 Governor General’s Award for Poetry
* Short-listed for the 2000 Gerald Lampert Award

“Her work is subtle and complex, registering in nimble shifts of metaphor and syntax the difficulty that is careful perception. Reading her poetry is like looking into the stillness of a pond: the detail of pebble and moss at the bottom is rendered in absolute clarity through the liquid transparency of the poem.”
Ross Leckie

“ . . . sees the natural world with a keen eye and an unsentimental spirit.”
Michael Thorpe
Atlantic Books Today