Student Nature Riddles - Big Tancook Island Elementary School

After posting the riddles written by the students of Thetis Island Elementary School, I received an email from my friend, Hetty van Gurp, who also teaches in a one-room school! Here are the riddles written and illustrated by the eight students attending Big Tancook Island Elementary School, Primary to Grade 5, off the coast of Nova Scotia. When they read me their riddles, the kids told me no squirrels or skunks live on Tancook and very few cars drive the dirt roads of the small island. Thank you, Hetty, for introducing me to your students!

(You can click on the pictures to enlarge.)

By: Ayana

By: Carson

By: Connor

By: Felicity

By: Georgia

By: Josh

By: Lilly

By: Lucas


Can you match the answers to the riddles?
Mink, Chicken, Seal, Pineapple, Yak, Wolf, T. Rex, Stars.