In and Out of a Book

There's a powerful connection between making something with our hands and then facing the blank page or returning to a writing problem. In this 2 1/2 hour long workshop, we will construct a simple pocket book and then move on to writing meant to refresh the part of us that creates and to remind us of the power in details, verbs, and images. You will leave with some writing to be pursued, a book to be filled, ideas to consider, and some new tools up your writing sleeve. All genres and all levels of experience welcome.

Paper Moon, Paper Shoe: Writing and Collage

A three hour workshop on writing and collage. Making a collage can help solve writing difficulties. It's a great kick-starting tool and can suggest or clarify setting, character, theme, and imagery. Participants should come prepared to write, cut and glue, discuss the energy of unlike things working together, and write some more. We will discuss writer's block and the writing life. All genres and all levels of experience welcome.

Walking Into Writing

A one day workshop on writing and walking. How a walk can beckon writing and how walking can inhabit our writing. We'll go for a walk and return to work with observations gathered in the walk, using exercises and some prompts to aid in the looking and writing. We will share written pieces, discuss the different approaches, and consider how other writers have related to walking. The aim of this workshop is to reclaim our curiousity, wonder, and observational skills - all necessary if we want to write with precision, clarity, and surprise. You'll need a packed lunch, good walking shoes or boots, water to drink along the way, and notebook and pen. Location to be announced.

Some Feedback

“Lynn Davies“ ’Paper Moon, Paper Shoe: Writing and Collage” workshop heads writers in unexpected and refreshing directions. Whether you’re gathering ideas to start a new project, or trying to find the one telling detail in a haystack of possibilities, Lynn shows how working with visuals brings renewed life to writing. She’s an organized, caring, patient instructor.”
Kathy Mac, Creative Writing Instructor,
St. Thomas University, Fredericton

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